What is VRI?

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a modern solution for remote language services with the support of technology. VRI is used today across many versatile platforms including

  1. Some Medical Emergencies: Typically, a live interpreter is preferred in hospitals, clinics or other medical emergencies. While waiting for the live interpreter to arrive, however, BISVRI is the best way to facilitate instant communication. Emergencies are called “emergencies” because they happen without warning. With a BISVRI contract in hand, you are prepared with interpreting services at a moment’s notice.
  2. Rural Communities: Many rural areas do not have access to sign language interpreters and, if they do, availability is typically not immediate. BISVRI can be used on-demand to obtain instant interpreting services with a simple click of a button.
  3. Last-Minute Events: When that important last-minute meeting comes up, BISVRI is easy to set up quickly as well. There are no additional fees for last minute or unscheduled interpreting services. Just press “dial” on your VRI equipment and an interpreter will appear on your screen—ready to interpret.
  4. Walk-In Customers: When you have BISVRI in your arsenal, you won’t need to schedule a walk-in patient or client at a later date, at least not due to the lack of an interpreter. By connecting with BISVRI we will provide an interpreter for your unexpected customer/client right then and there. No inconvenience to you or your customer/client.
* Please note: While video remote services are optimal under many circumstances, there
are situations when accommodations MUST be on-site.
Our team of is always available to support contextual understanding of what might be the right option for you. *

How does VRI work?

Use a computer or any iOS device with a ‘soft phone’ program downloaded, and an internal or external web camera. Video conferencing equipment (the web camera) can be purchased online or from most local electronics stores. When you sign up for BISVRI, you will receive a client ID number to use for your VRI calls.

At this point, you’re ready to start!

  • Assemble all participants in the same room
  • Call BISVRI through your soft phone
  • Within minutes, a dispatcher will appear on your screen After you give the BISVRI dispatcher your client ID number, the dispatcher will transfer you to an interpreter when your call is ready to begin
  • When ready, start conversing naturally. The interpreter will interpret your conversation - audibly voicing whatever is signed by the Deaf or hard of hearing participant(s) and signing whatever is audible in the room. (Remember, just as physically present interpreters, VRI interpreters will voice and/or sign everything seen or heard.)
  • When finished using BISVRI, disconnect your call.

What will I need?

  • Mac, PC, or any iOs or Android device
  • Wireless Internet Connection
  • Webcam
  • Secure video conferencing platform
    ie. ClearSea, Skype for Business, or existing video phone (VP), etc.

BIS is proud partners with Lifesize ClearSea.

We encourage a quick and easy download of their industry-leading software for a streamline connection. 


BISVRI offers a variety of plans and/or packages to suit your unique needs. Every customer’s situation is different and BISVRI wants to accommodate YOURS!

We currently offer 2 hour, 5 hour, 10 hour and 15 hour plan packages. The larger the package, the greater the volume discount. If you have a frequent need or potential frequent need to use VRI, the larger monthly package is for you.

Additionally, we offer prepaid packages which are great for those who have infrequent and/or sporadic needs for interpreters. Prepaid packages require no minimums and are ideal for more occasional usage.

Through our Premier Program, clients can make on-demand BISVRI calls any time of the day, any day of the week. With our 24/7 service, you're guaranteed access to a nationally certified ASL interpreter through a high-quality video connection.

BIS is also proud to offer Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI/DI) via video remote technology.


Connect with a BIS representative today to learn more about VRI and other services.