BIS is America's choice. 

Since inception, BIS has focused on dedicating our best resources to government and public entities nationwide.
Our experts have been the trusted choice among entities at the federal, state, and local levels. BIS is honored to maintain status as the leading government contractor in the industry for more than a decade. 

Specialized staff manage responsibilities including:

  • receiving and fulfilling emergency and after-hours requests

  • providing equal access to communication and language in compliance with the ADA

  • ongoing interpreter trainings specific to various agencies, including important linguistic knowledge and jargon

  • maintenance of various levels of clearance

  • and so much more

BIS is proud to be represented by interpreter-coordinators in various agencies across the United States. 

Our mission is built around the power of community engagement at every level. We guarantee two hours of custom training designed to fulfill the unique needs of every government agency on contract annually- totally free of charge! Our expertise working alongside diverse workplaces, various communication methods, etiquette in working with an interpreter, and so much more can always be customized to suit the evolving and specific needs of  government agencies across the country including public service and safety, military, financial security institutions, and more.


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