BIS is proud to specialize in leading medical facilities nationwide.

Our hospital partners are ensured efficient 24/7 customer service because we understand the importance of quality and clear communication in health care settings. This ensures patients’ rights to understand each aspect of their health care, and doctors’ responsibilities to keep informed throughout the medical process. The Medical Project Manager position is a product of BIS’ working philosophy of holistic working relationships with our hospital partners. 

As the project manager for BIS’ hospital contracts, our Medical Project Manager's responsibilities include receiving and fulfilling emergency and after-hours on-site requests, providing customer service to hospitals on behalf of BIS, and managing VRI services during nights and weekends.

BIS believes in providing access to communication at every step, and has had success in working with hospitals through our hybrid model of on-site and remote interpreting. Our hybrid model for sign language interpreting, called the BIS Guarantee, connects you to a remote interpreter via our BISVRI service, while a live, on-site interpreter is immediately dispatched to your hospital or medical facility. We also offer spoken language interpreting on-site and over the telephone. All interpreters are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The ultimate goal is to provide effective communication, and our Medical Project Manager will work with you to determine what that means for your facility. 

The quality is great, the patients really appreciate this and are impressed with the accessibility. Furthermore, the customer service is extraordinary, very responsive and available. It has solved our problem with providing sign language interpretation completely. This has been a great enhancement to our services for this population of patients with specific needs. Thank you BIS!
— Nebraska Medical Center