Katrina Rivers Labouliere, CI/CT, NAD V, Executive Vice President

katrina@bisworld.com, ext 123

Katrina is a nationally-renowned and nationally-certified sign language interpreter, and has demonstrated enviable management and people skills. In addition, she is a child of a deaf adult(s) (CODA) and has been using ASL her entire life. In demand for her wealth of experience as a consultant at the local, state, and federal government levels, Katrina has been working in the field of disability advocacy for 16 years teaching and training individuals in independent living skills, accessibility, and advocacy. Having started as a community interpreter, Katrina’s career quickly progressed and saw her transition to the corporate side of BIS. Now, as the Executive Vice President, Katrina has many roles and responsibilities, including managing several multi-million-dollar contracts, supervision of the operational aspects of community interpreting, and ensuring a holistic approach to assignments that includes contractual obligations, client requests, interpreter location, and skill match among other criteria. Under Katrina’s oversight, BIS has consistently produced an average of 6,000 hours of interpreting per month. Additionally, she is responsible for the oversight of VRI call centers, and the implementation of new and cutting edge technologies in VRI.