The Nebraska Medical Center



The Nebraska Medical Center is a 689-licensed bed academic medical center with an international reputation for providing solid organ and bone marrow transplantation services. The Nebraska Medical Center is a respected leader in solid organ transplantation, cardiology, radiation oncology, bone marrow transplantation, neurology, burn care and oncology. The hospital wanted to make sure that there were no problems providing service to all who enter their facility. Given the fact that there are 240 deaf/hard of hearing patients in the tri-county area and only a limited number of qualified sign language interpreters, this presented a problem. 

“We had [a rate of] 15 percent unmet requests in the past year and most of these needs were emergency room patients when urgency was of the essence” said Dana Ratigan, clinical manager of ACCESS Services.


The Nebraska Medical Center sought guidance from The Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, who introduced the idea of Video Interpreting. “The Nebraska Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing informed us of a few VRI providers, one of them being BIS. We had an in-service demonstration with the companies and found that we were most impressed with BIS VRI for the cost, uncomplicated service agreement and customer service. We had multiple VRI sessions before implementing the service and found the interpreters to be very professional, the use to be simple and the whole process to be very feasible” said Ratigan.


The Nebraska Medical Center became a BISVRI client and now uses the VRI service for emergency situations when an interpreter is unavailable. “An on-site contracted interpreter is still initiated if possible, but the use of VRI eliminates any hold up in care for the patient, especially when it’s urgent.” Now that The Nebraska Medical Center has access to BIS VRI, they are able to fulfill 100% of the service requests for their Deaf and hard of hearing patients and provide them with a higher standard of care.

In summation Mrs. Ratigan said: “The quality is great, the patients really appreciate this and are impressed with the accessibility. Furthermore, the customer service is extraordinary, very responsive and available. It has solved our problem with providing sign language interpretation completely. This has been a great enhancement to our services for this population of patients with specific needs. Thank you BISVRI!”