Anne Arundel County Detention Facilities



The mission of the Anne Arundel County Detention Facility is to provide for public safety through the confinement of pre-trial detainees and convicted offenders in safe and secure facilities.

While serving the citizens of Anne Arundel County, the facility personnel often need to communicate with Deaf or hard of hearing individuals. In the past, this meant the need to call an interpreting agency and wait for an on-site interpreter to show up. When an unexpected need arose, this process could take as long as 8 hours during unexpected situations, and in some cases, even longer, since qualified interpreters were not always comfortable entering the facilities.


The facility turned to BIS Video Remote Interpreting in order to:

  • Increase the efficiency of the facility
  • Provide a higher level of service to the Deaf or hard of hearing individuals
  • Fulfill the facility’s stated goal of "maximizing efficiency and reducing operating costs through the use of new technologies"


By using BISVRI, the Anne Arundel County Detention Facility is now able to access a qualified interpreter within minutes of a need arising. The facility is equipped with the latest video conferencing technology and can call BISVRI’s interpreting service at a moments notice.

"Prior to using VRI, we were not guaranteed the prompt service of an interpreter for our hearing impaired inmates. In addition, some interpreters were not comfortable entering a secured facility. BISVRI has allowed us to have coverage without an interpreter having to physically be here. As the need arises for interpreters, we have one within minutes of dialing BISVRI, while still allowing an interactive 'face to face' session. Even though a 'face to face' session occurs, there is no need for an interpreter to be physically on our site. VRI is a remarkable concept" says, Belinda Connor, Management Assistant of Anne Arundel County Detention Facilities.

Since the Department of Detention Facilities has become a client, BIS VRI has proved vital for communication. Its use is now common in areas such as:

  • Intake
  • Social Work
  • Officer/Inmate Communication
  • Medical Evaluations
  • General Communications

"The best part of BIS VRI is the interpreters. They are very patient, professional and courteous. The customer service is also outstanding. During the transition from our old process to the VRI system, the BIS staff was extremely responsive to our various calls and inquiries. In addition, the staff was very attentive to our needs, especially considering this is a secured facility."

- Belinda Connor

The efficiencies gained by the use of the BIS VRI service have allowed the Anne Arundel County Detention Facility to better address the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals while improving its own processes by eliminating lengthy wait times for onsite interpreters.